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  • Outreach, Inc. is a Christian ministry in Indianapolis reaching out to homeless and at-risk young adults with the compassion of Jesus Christ. Outreach accomplishes this by providing street outreach, a youth drop-in center, holistic social services, emerge

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  • Need to resize images, but don’t have an image editor handy? You might want to try Resizr, an online image resizing service:

    Often you do not need more than just resizing an image on the fly. Before ResizR you required a desktop software to do this

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  • O’Reilly Radar’s Web 2.0 Principles and Best Practices lays out the answers—the why, what, who, and how of Web 2.0. It’s an indispensable guide for technology decision-makers—executives, product strategists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders—who ar
  • Think you’re ready to experiment with mashups? Before you start, consider these tips for a successful rollout
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  • turns any image you uploaded as large as 6000*6000 into a custom Google Map in a really simple way. You can maintain markers for it, as well as embed it in your own web pages or blog.
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links for 2006-11-17

  • Our estimate, as you can see in BusinessWeek’s cover story, is that we’re saving $500K per year. We’ve been using S3 for almost 7 months so far (we launched it on or around April 14th), so for my $500K estimate to be in the right ballpark, we should
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  • Parents have a new tool in the fight to protect kids from inappropriate web content:, a child-friendly search engine that filters out sexually explicit material.
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  • Mapping election results

    Just wanted to mention a set of redrawn maps of the county-by-county Iowa caucus results, from a former student of E.T.: iowacaucus/. Iowa was interesting to work on because the state is divided into an a

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