Monthly Archives: June 2005

43 Folders: Impressive paper-based project management workflow

I have been reading a lot about GTD [ short for David Allen’s BookGetting Things Done]. The post on 43 Folders: Impressive paper-based project management workflow is also very good reading on the idea of organizing your thoughts and focusing your energies.


30 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On the Internet (PC World)

PC World released an interesting article last week: – 30 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on the Internet. Some older things, as well as some new intersting ideas. About half of these items could and should be applied to communications.

Also check out Sree Sreenivasan’s site for his blog “New to Sree” where I found this reference.

Where is the Wikitorial?

Where is the Wikitorial? After a rash of vandelism, the LA Times pulled down their experimental wiki after 3 days. While they have been the brunt of many rants on various blogs, you have to give them credit for trying something new and working out the details.

Lesson learned: collaborative websites need to have community. This was a series of individuals casting opinions without the context of community. The Wikipedia, while much more popular than the Times wiki could have dreamt of being, works because there is a group of caring individuals who make up the whole of a community that look out for the common interest. The only way such endevours will work is the adoption of an agreed upon principle or purpose. Without that, you have anarchy.


Advertising Age is reporting a podcasting deal between Apple and the Sundance Channel. Apple will include Sundance Channel content as part of its July upgrade to Itunes. Could this be the first of major players beginning to utilize podcasting?