Monthly Archives: August 2005

The Voce Nation: Why Non-profits Should Blog

Great article on non-profit blogging.


Micro Persuasion: Baby Boomers, Not Youth Tuning Into Podcasts

Steve Rubel is reporting that a new survey by CLX of 8,000 Americans reports that podcasting is more popular with baby boomers than younger adults.

MediaPost Publications – Jeff Jarvis vs. Dell: Blogger’s Complaint Becomes Viral Nightmare – 08/19/2005

This article is a perfect example of what happens when business does not understand how the web, and especially blogs, work. Learn the lessons from Dell.

RMail for RSS to Email

I spend more time in Outlook on any given day and tend to forget to check my regular blogs. RMail takes care of that. It is a free service that converts RSS feeds into an email that is sent as soon as a blog is updated. I have been using it for a few days and find it a very useful way to stay up on the news.

Great Article on Writing for Blogs

Good start and good reference. – Tips & Tweaks: Reading (and Writing) Blogs