Monthly Archives: March 2005

College Goal Sunday helps families with FAFSA process (Richmond Register)

College Goal Sunday helps families with FAFSA process (Richmond Register): “

Filling out forms for college financial aid became a little easier for the parents and students who attended College Goal Sunday at Eastern Kentucky University.


50 years ago: Brown vs. the Board of Education

Impenetrable racial barrier in higher education broken 50 years ago this month!: “

A few months after the U.S. Supreme Court ordered racial integration of the public schools in “Brown vs. the Board of Education” young Marigold Linton mustered the courage to break an even more impenetrable racial barrier in higher education — without any fanfare or court decisions. [PRWEB Sep 16, 2004]

Additional analysis might follow this important post and provide additional references and links to research from the Lumina Foundation for Education.

Access to higher education provides additional long term benefits

A new study from the University of Toronto sheds scientific light on the affects of higher education. The study finds that more years of education is directly associated with the frontal lobe activity. The research indicates that this additional activity protects older adults from cognitive decline as they age.

Could this be yet another aspect of the importance of access and success of higher education for everyone, regardless of means or other factors?