Becoming Socially Aware

I have been utilizing several resources to stay up on all of the new breaking trends in my area of expertise: digitial marketing. I use tools such as Google Reader, Twitter, and good old fashioned email newsletters to stay current. And when I say current, think of the type of current in a river. Through all of this, I have realized that not only is there a growing “social media” but a growing sense of “social awareness” through that. My intent of following all of the information has been to become more aware of technology and trends and how that might translate into marketing opportunities for my clients. What I am beginning to realize is that if you can simply have relationships and share what is important, you can start to earn the right to make people aware of important things, which might be something that you have to offer them that could enhance their experiences in one way or another. It becomes much less selling as awareness.

I think what I am also learning is that social media and social awareness go hand-in-hand. Through the relationships and knowledge that I am gaining, I have found myself more sensitive to the social issues around me: poverty, justice, stewardship of the environment and organic living.


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